S2 EP9: George Heaton Represent

Show Notes

George Heaton Co Founder of luxury streetwear brand Represent.

On todays show it’s the story and business breakdown of Represent. It’s an inspiring one for many including me; two brothers with a vision, and  a mission,  to create the best clothing brand in the world. In a climate where fashion and retail is one of the most difficult industries to break into, Represent is one of the most popular luxury streetwear brands in the world. This journey has taken over a decade and they are just getting started. George embodies the brand his hard work and discipline in his personal life spills over and is emulated in everything Represent do. Today we get a rare glimpse into the world of Represent from the perspective of this iconic founder.

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In this episode:

Rise of Represent.

How George approaches business.

Detailed deep dive into how Represent create and plan their collections.

How Represent market their collections.

How Represent grew their customer base.

How Justin Beiber ended up in Represent.

Celebrities who love Rep.

Represent in Retail.

Starting 247.

The 247 app.

How and why George keeps in shape.

What does tactical ecommerce look like when it’s done by Rep.

Moving into a 3PL.

How to start a brand.

Becoming a 9 figure brand.

Personal habits.

Link to 247 app: HERE

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