S2 E22: Kalibre Clothing's Rebirth: A Journey of Determination and Passion with Founder Jason.

Show Notes

What does it take to rebrand a clothing business in just 18 months, and how can an ice bath routine improve your mindset and muscle soreness? Find out as we chat with Jason, the owner of Kalibre Clothing, an e-retailer specializing in minimalistic, contemporary, going out clothing. We cover everything from his journey joining the military at 18 to working in security, and eventually finding his passion in the clothing industry.Learn about Jason's resilience and determination as he shares the story behind rebranding Kalibre Clothing, shifting from a streetwear brand to a more minimalistic and contemporary look. We dive into the challenges he faced during the process and how questioning his passion for the venture led to a more authentic representation of the brand. Plus, we explore various aspects of building and scaling a successful clothing brand, including organic influencer marketing and Facebook ads.Discover how Jason managed to create a self-sustaining cycle with his investment into Kalibre Clothing, and the importance of having a mentor to help navigate uncharted waters in business. We also discuss the benefits of building a strong community around your brand and maintaining its values from the foundation up. Don't miss out on this inspiring and informative conversation with the man behind Kaliber Clothing!
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