Purdy & Figg CoFounder Jack Rubin teaches us how to carefully construct a sell out brand.

Show Notes

Back in 2018, NHS nurse Purdy Rubin and horticulturalist Charlotte Figg decided to make cleaning products they'd actually feel good using – both for themselves and for the environment. Spurred on by Purdy’s two sons, Charlie and Jack, the duo teamed up with Chemist Dr Anna Slastanova to develop a range of natural, beautifully-scented and refillable cleaning products that could stand up against the ‘big guns’.

They launched their hero product, Counter Clean, at the beginning of 2022 and haven’t looked back since. The game changing cleaner has been designed to clean all surfaces in the home whilst leaving behind the most incredible spa-like scent.

In this episode Jack talks us through the journey so far from buying their own production line in a once in a lifetime deal to structuring their marketing flow to sell out again and again. This is a must listen.

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