Jarod Steffes, Founder of Muddy Bites Teaches KickStarter and Product Market Fit

Show Notes

Muddy Bites started in 2018 when we had an idea to make our favorite part of a sundae cone as a bite-sized snack. Being 22 year olds at the time, we set to Kickstarter to crowdfund our first production run. However, it did not go as we had originally planned. In fact, we failed the 30-day campaign and our idea had to wait longer.

So, we went back to the drawing board. After some new strategy, we set to Kickstarter again, because we weren't giving up! This time we set a new goal of $10,000 as we knew this was attainable. To our surprise, we were funded within 72 hours! With our goal met, we were now able to make our dream of bite-sized waffle cone snacks a reality! After several months of learning how to make and fill these bite-sized cones, we finally sent our Kickstarter backers their orders. That's when we knew we had something special, and thus - Muddy Bites was born.

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