Dave Huffman former VP of $200M brand MicrobeFormulas talks to us about transitioning to CEO of Poli Pet Products.

Show Notes

Dave Huffman had a successful career in music as a singer songwriter and as an event/festival director. Realising how much synergy existed between building a band and building a brand Dave decided to get into the world of marketing and advertising. Fast forward a few years and Dave was VP @MicrobeFormulas&@CellcoreBio going from $5M to $60M and finally a $200M exit in just 2 years. In this episode we talk about the similarities in the music industry and DTC, we explore building a brand from the perspective of a VP and wrap it up with how Dave is transitioning to the role of CEO. This episode was great fun to record Dave is an interesting and open guy and i'm sure you'll love it. You can reach Dave here: https://twitter.com/davemhuffman

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