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Lessons from masterminds building valuable Ecommerce brands.

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Founder of VIXXR & Host
More about me
I am Michelle Cobette. I am the host and producer of 'Podcaster'. I am a professional Ux designer and have worked with over 12 start up companies. I've also co-produced WNYC’s award-winning podcast 'Tales of the corporate'. I've reported and produced for several outlets including NPR, PRI, WNYC, KCRW, and Marketplace. I like jazz music, and I can win any burping competition.

What listeners think.

In love with this!

Everyone who’s starting their own business should listen to at least one episode of Podcaster. There’s a lot you can learn from mistakes and failures of other Founders.
Jamie Lawson
Founder, WebDome

Can’t stop listening!

Michelle has the most profound insights about the smallest details an entrepreneur needs to know about. I never miss a single episode.
Josh Dun
Owner, Graphicia

Highly Recommended.

I’ve been listening to Podcaster for two years now, and every time I finish an episode, I’ve learned something that can help me with my small business.
Mike Myers
Co-founder, DesignZilla

Super actionable!

Michelle brings interesting guests every week and dips deep into their successes and failures. I’ve collected so many ideas that were directly applicable to my startup.
Adrian Pimento
Owner, ScaleNow

A must listen.

I’m so happy I found this podcast, it’s been a constant companion for my daily commute. I loove the way Michelle brings out the best insights from every guests. Highly recommended!
Julia Goldberg
Operations Manager, SixSense

Can’t miss this!

A friend told me about this show and I’ve been binge-listening to every single episode I could find. It’s super entertaining and also quite insightful. If you’re new, start with Ep 22!
Anna Skyler
Partner, Peak Ventures